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Ducks On the Mill Pond are Guy Hayes and Emma Dunmore, a Brighton based duo who sing old timey songs from America and play banjo, fiddle and good time guitar. Sometimes they veer into gospel but it’s nothing serious. They met several years ago at a banjo camp and now they live in a little house with their sprog.

With Phil on a rare trip south from Newcastle, this will be Phil Tyler & Sarah Hill‘s first gig in over 6 years. Following the release of What we Thought was a Lake was a Field of Flax in 2022, the duo are bringing their earthy, stripped back renditions of traditional songs and tunes to Brighton for the first time.

“Exceptional in every sense of the word… it’s certainly one of the best albums of 2022. The balance of pace makes it engaging, while the selection of songs makes it intriguing. Each song and tune is impeccably performed; I can’t recommend it enough.” –Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

“…there’s a deathly beauty to the performance….. this is singing without gloss or artifice, that pierces to the core…..the entire thing is masterful.” –

At the end of a lovely garden drive on Walpole Road you’ll find the gem of Kemptown, At the Coach House. A creative and cosy space, it’s a unique venue with a nature of its own. This will be an early gig, beginning at 7.30pm, with the first act on at 8pm and everything wrapped up by 10pm. There might even be a chance for a couple of floor spots if the stars align.