Artists Open House At the Coach House

Artists Open House At the Coach House


Artists Open House starting May 6th for the month of May Featuring artists :

  • Emma Harding
  • Scarlet Ostick
  • Lizzie Lee
  • Alex Smith 
  • Abi Chambers
  • Helen Moore
  • Eda Gardner-Groves
  • Deryelie Anne Mountford 
  • Margaret Shillan
  • The Coach House Potion Parlour


Emma Harding –

Studied at Exeter, (Fine Art & English 1979) and Brighton, (MA Craft 2019)Emma has worked as a teacher in Leicestershire and Sussex and as a community artist, leading various collaborative installations, both 2D and 3D. Her creative output has included murals and mosaics,  leading to a focus on ceramics for both personal and community projects. She has exhibited nationally and her work is in many private collections.  Her current ceramic work explores the exciting serendipity of saggar-firing  wrapping the objects in various combustible materials, then containing them in a large enclosed pot within the electric kiln. The results are a wonderful alchemy! The natural patterns and effects create a surface which reflects inner complexity and our affinity with the natural world. Our fragile minds are a recurring theme in her work.


Scarlet Ostick

Outsider ‘artist Scarlet’s work is informed by her Traditional Witchcraft practice. Mischtechnic, collage, mixed media, poetry, performance/shadow puppetry and puppet making employing a rich variety of symbolism and materia pertaining to aspects of her craft. To paraphrase writer Aiden Wachter – ‘I cover the world that was and set it aside. I create the world that is that I may inhabit it fully.’









Lizzie Lee 

I live and work in Shoreham-by-Sea. My work is concerned with recycling and re-using material. I studied glass at Edinburgh College of Art and graduated from the University of Brighton with a degree in 3D Crafts, also winning their prestigious Innovation Award for my cottage industry in recycled plastics.My lampshades are made from recycled plastic and lace. I collect, clean and granulate plastic milk bottles. They are then re-melted into a sheet form, often onto a lace collage that I have created from pieces of lace and net curtain. The resulting plastic sheet is then cut, bent into shape and hand-stitched onto a lampshade frame. I create lamp bases from repurposed artefacts such as shoe lasts and the formers for Victorian wood turning lathes. I source cabling and switches to complement each unique lamp. It is an involved process, and each shade is unique. The lace fragments, which I have collected over many years from flea markets and charity shops, can be seen in all their intricate beauty when the lamp is switched on and they are gently illuminated within the translucent plastic.



Alex Smith

Alex Smith has worked as an Artist Blacksmith since 1998. ‘I love everything involved in this fascinating trade. There’s such a variety! One month I’ll be making hinges for a hobbit door, the next I’ll be working on a commemorative project involving bits of an old beloved car and an archway.’ His established business, Chalk Pit Forge, is aptly named as it’s based in a chalk pit within Amberley museum, West Sussex. Here, Alex works to commission on many bespoke items, such as gates, commemorative projects, railings, pergolas, sculptures, handrails and much more.  All commissions are designed especially for the client and their location, so the finished piece is completely unique. This artistic collaboration with clients helps keep the role of the blacksmith continuing today, and hopefully in the future.



Abi Chambers – Heltafelter

A self taught needle felter, inspired by the amazing surroundings of Brighton and my love of nature. Natures gifts of sky, sea and woods, with its changing moods and colours. Supply me an all year round gift of inspiration. Using natural wools such as merino, sheep and llama. As well as vegan pieces using  bio fibre wools . 


Helen Moore

I love jewellery making especially using precious and semi precious beads.I have collected a lot of beads since I finished my Degree in Jewellery Design in 1985! and now find myself enjoying threading these together to make colourful and textural one off necklaces…I also love vintage cross stitch and upcycling found objects.  I have taken the cross stitch roses on a family tablecloth and turned these images into hammer bead necklaces which gives a childs play thing a new lease of life!…I love the comical element of the finished necklaces and feel they are bright and modern and full of joy!…


Eda Gardner-Groves

Eda is a (very) young artist making her debut exhibition here at the Coach House .  Her fresh evolving talent is of course still in its infancy, but does hopefully show a great deal of promise. 

Edas’s love of books and magical stories is often translated throughout her paintings. Her art, reflecting her age, is of course childlike, yet it is fortified by her knowledge and direct experience of the beauty and wonder of nature, and by an array of physical art forms such as dancing archery and martial arts. . Although a rather bold move to display her first works at such a young age, they are presented with he spirit of enthusiasm and absence of any pretence, which can hopefully witnessed and enjoyed in her innocent and quite magical creations.


Derylie Anne Mountford  BA hons ( History of Design)

Studied fine art at the Byam Shaw and St Martins Schools of Art and Printmaking at theCambridge College of Art. Major exhibitions : The Royal Academy,   the Royal Society of British Artists,  the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers, the Society of Women artists ( many years a member) One woman shows in Japan, London and Cambridge. Numerous Group shows : Brighton Museum, the Fry Art Gallery, Cambridge Guild Hall, East of England Show, a touring exhibition round Australia of artists books, Brighton Festival Open Houses and many others.  I like to draw from imagination, My subject matter reflecting a love the natural world, trees , animals, rocks and streams.  I work in a variety of media: oils, pencil and watercolour, but mostly in etching, woodcuts and dry point.