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Herbal medicine

  • Confessions of a Herbalist
  • InThe Garden performances
  • Culpeppers garden
  • Sunday Services to the Plants Animals and the Spirit
  • Plant plays
  • Courses and retreats
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Courses -
Introductory Course in Herbal Medicine

This is a four week course provides a basic foundation to Western Herbal Medicine. The Course covers: What is herbalism- the Wonders of plants, What is disease and different approaches to healing – Taste and discover- Plant identification and Herbal first aid.

 The aim is to work with small groups encouraging people to keep an open mind and feel inspired to explore outside of their own doors.For more information and for bookings do contact

Weekend retreats

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Starts putting into practice some simple home health recipes.

Our focus here is locality, seasonal growth study of growth, habitat and symbiosis. A creative informal, fun evening sharing ancient knowledge and bringing it home.

£10 per session  booking is essential

Walks and talks

We have a number of different walks we take and you are more than welcome to join them.
We take up to 6 people at a time and sometimes 10 depending on the walk.